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CVD achieved 1st place overall in the ESU Spelling Bee Competition
With an outstanding performance, the students representing the school demonstrated a high level of English in this important spelling tournament.

With much excitement and joy, the CVD team, comprised of students from 4th to 8th grade, were awarded with the first place in the Spelling Bee Competition, an English spelling tournament organized by the English Speaking Union (ESU), earning the Travelling Trophy, a prize awarded by the ESU to the school with the most victories and points during the competition.

In the tournament held on June 7th and 8th, students Domingo Délano (6th grade) and Matías Herrera (8th grade) secured first place in their categories, while Lucas Sánchez (4th grade), Simón Dagnino (5th grade), and Agustín Meyer (7th grade) also excelled in their levels.

"During two days filled with adrenaline and excitement, our students faced incredible challenges alongside talented competitors from bilingual schools such as Villa María, Saint George, Andrée English School, and Saint Margaret from Viña del Mar. And I can tell you, every moment was simply spectacular!" commented Manuela Cisternas, English coordinator at CVD.

"We are more than excited to announce that our champions shone in the 6th and 8th grade levels. Domingo Délano and Matías Herrera left us breathless with their incredible ability to spell advanced words, taken directly from the British curriculum! But greatness doesn't end there. Lucas Sánchez, Simón Dagnino, and Agustín Meyer also stood out with their exceptional performance in their respective levels! You are all true champions!" she added with emotion.

We congratulate all the students who represented CVD and the English team for this great achievement for the school and for their dedication to ensuring such outstanding participation from the students.

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