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A new generation gets his Cambridge Certification in English
After undergoing a one year preparation and taking the exams, these young men got the document the certifies their command in English.

On Wednesday, 47 students received the Cambridge University English level certification.  During the ceremony three students received a special mention for having obtained the utmost level of certification, the Cambridge Proficency Examination.  This achievement of our senior students is the culmination of a special teaching program designed by our English teachers.

This Wednesday, our Vice Principal, Miss Ana María Tomassini along with the High-School Vice-Principal for High School, Mr. Oscar Reinoso, our Academic Coordinator, Mr. José Aravena and Miss Karin Jahnsen, Head of the English Department,  a new generation of fine young men gathered, after a long process of learning and training, to receive the certificates which prove they have the language skills necessary to skip English courses in University, study courses taught in English, or, in some cases, even work  in an English speaking country.

Miss Rosario Infante, English Teacher, mentioned that “this achievement of yours, reminds us of the need to keep improving our teaching, for the generations to come. Our future goal is to provide these exams to all our 11th graders. There´s no doubt that knowing English is a key factor that enables us to communicate with people from all over the world. English has become an essential part in today´s world. Value this certificate you have in your hands now, it´s a symbol of personal challenge, effort and work“.

Miss Ana María added that they should enjoy and take advantage of the benefits this Certificate gives them, not only in the near future, but also in their professional career and as a global citizen.

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